Endangered Animals In India | Top 10 Endangered Animals

Endangered Animals in India is increasing day by day in this modern era. Many species are disappearing from our surroundings due to natures or climate changes and by many ways.

This Endangered Animals need our support. There are many animals which are lost from the nature.

India has 400 wildlife sanctuaries and 80 national parks, which shelter a wide range of wild and endangered animals india.

Wild animals lost their habitat due to deforestation and other human activities and remained in danger of extinction.

Indians are losing their animals due to environmental pollution, deforestation,

loss of habitat, human intervention, poaching and by hunting of animals

The predominantly ranked animals in India are the giant feline family which includes Snow Panther,

Bengal Tiger and Asiatic Lion, other orbiting animal purple frog or pig nose frog,

Great Indian culture, Indian Goliath squirrel, Giant Indian fruit bats, great flight of India.

The creature and the king are cobras. A portion of India’s erased fauna includes the Asiatic cheetah, the pink-headed duck, and the Indian oroch.

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In this article you will be informed about the To 10 Endangered Animals In India which are in great surviving Situations.

Top 10 Endangered Animals

1) Dolphins

The dolphin is individual from the Cetacea family, which includes marine warm-blooded animals porpoises and whales. Dolphins are originally found in the Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers and their tributaries in India.

They share their natural surroundings with crocodiles, new water turtles. The blessed stream Ganges sighted dolphin is the national aquatic animal of India.

The India Rive Shark is additionally recorded as one of the threatened species in India.

2) Gharial

The Gharial is one of the three crocodiles found in India, which is the tallest among each living crocodile.

The sacred stream Ganesha is the most lively place of gharial in India, similarly the masters of the waterway are found in Chambal, Iravadi and Brahmaputra waterways.

Gharials have been recorded as the most originally endangered animal varieties in India.

The death of a large scale gharial in the Chambal stream is still an enigma, an important cause of which is “contaminated waterways”.

3) Rhinoceros

The great Indian rhinoceros is additionally termed as a forest horned rhinoceros found in India.

The Indian rhinoceros has a solitary deep horn which is available in both male and female species.

The Great Indian Rhinoceros is the fourth largest organism on the planet.

The Giant poisonous warm blooded animals are found mainly in parts of north-eastern India, today around 3,000 rhinoceros live in the jungle, 2,000 of which are found in Kaziranga National Parks in Assam and in Manas.

Chasing the top for his horn, certainly reduced his distinctive natural surroundings.


White Rhino are the largest land mammals after the elephant

4) Wild Dog

The Indian Wild Dog or Dhole is one of the top predators of the wild jungle, who live in packs, hunting cooperative and highly social animals.

Asian wild dogs are also called whistling hunters, as it has a peculiar tone. Dhol is found in the national parks of Assam, Bengal, Gujarat, Kashmir, Madhya Pradesh and the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve of South India.

5) Red Panda

This animals also comes in the categorie of endangered animals due to their continuous extinct.

The excellent and imperiled species, Indian Red Panda is otherwise called Red Fox. Just one of the two sorts of red pandas on the planet is found in India.

There are 20 ensured zones in India alongside Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh and Khangchendzonga and Namdapa National Parks in West Bengal.

Imperiled red pandas, in calm atmospheres, live in deciduous and coniferous backwoods, for the most part with an account of bamboo and empty trees.


Red Panda are of the oldest and rare animals Extinct in every 2-3 yrs.

6) Indian Tiger

This is also going to extinct from our surroundings due to many humans activity’s.

All members of the Félide family, including the three great cats, the Asiatic lion, the Bengal tigers, the wild cats and the leopard, are not in

such a good population as those found in India, because large cats are on the verge of extinction in India due to excessive poaching.

Only 1411 Royal Bengal tigers are left in India, the lion of Asian or Great India is found only in Gir National Park.

One of the most endangered species of the Félide family is the snow leopard, which is found only in the Himalayan ranges.

Along with snow leopards, another cheerful member, cloud leopards are two endangered species of big cats that are now found only along the great range of the Himalayas.

7) Nilgiri Thar

Nilgiri Tahr is a settlement mountain affixed to the tropical rainforest of the Western Ghats.

Threatened species have a flamboyant coat with bristly mane, bent horns and thick and small hide.

Considered as the state creature of Tamil Nadu, the Nilgiri Tahar faces a significant threat in the Western Ghats.

Due to frequent illegal practice and development of Eucalyptus, its living space is being hampered, Nilgiri Tahr population is decreasing.


In many survey it is found that there are only 3000 species of Nilgiri Tahr population in India.

8) Asiatic Lion

Asiatic lions are also in Endangered Animals In India they are disappearing in every year.

mainly Asiatic lions are found in Gujarat, in large population. Lions are the king of of the Jungle and are proud of every Indian.

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Many peoples in India believe lions are the closest to gods.

The 1,400 sq km Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary in Gujarat is the last royal refuge of the Asiatic lion. Only 200 or so Asian lions exist in the wild.


Asiatic lions are acclaimed as the second largest species on the planet after tigers.

9) Black Buck

Blackbucks are found in plenitude in Indian impala, India fields, meadows and shrubberies.

Exercises, for example, poaching, poaching, living space obliteration, excess and inbreeding have brought about a huge decrease in the number of inhabitants in blackbuck.

Another explanation blackbuck populaces are declining fundamentally is the change of their living space into enormous scope horticultural zones and poaching.

Aside from India, blackbuck can be found in Nepal and Pakistan.


Blackbuck animals are mostly found in the state of Andhra Pradesh, Haryana and Punjab.

10) Lion Tailed Macaque

Lion Tailed Macaque are also one of the extinct animals. Which are in red data book. We are loosing this animals every year. Lion Tailed Macaque are mostly found in the mountains of western ghats.

In the west cost of India we can found this species in the mountain of western ghats.

There are not more than, 3000 Species of Lion Tailed Macaque in the Zoo or in the wildlife reserves.

Lion Tailed Macaque are the rare and Endangered Animals In India as well as in the world.

This animals is famous for its tail which look similar to lion’s tail.

It’s apperences and look are it’s some of the main silent features which people loves to see.

Lion Tailed Macaque are one of the oldest monkey in the world. and this are having only 16 species.


The lion-rearing macaque is so accommodated around its wooden house that it cannot freeze just for the new living spaces being built by humans.

Last Words

This are the rare and Top 10 Endangered Animals in India which are Extinct every two year. This animals need human protection so, try to help the animals if you can but, if you can’t then , don’t hurt any Animals.

Endangered animals in India are like lion, chimpanzee, gorilla and many more are disappearing.

Hope ! You like our blog on Endangered Animals In India and if you liked it, mention your comments below so, and also give us information more about animals you know.

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