Stop Loose Motion | Best Home Remedies For Loose Motion

Ways to Stop loose motion

To Stop loose motion many of us try different ways, but we can’t sometime we take medicine for that also. in this post we are going to share with you best home remedies for loose motion.

There are numerous potential reasons for free stools. They regularly happen in the wake of eating, yet they can likewise happen for the duration of the day.


It is mandatory to understand the difference between free stools and diarrhea. In the event that you have diarrhea, similarly you will have free or watery stools. In any case, in which case you have free stool every once in a while, it does not mean that you have diarrhea.

All of the simultaneous free stools can be seen as loose bowels, requiring them to occur more than once. On the off chance that you have stool at least three times each day, at that time it is loose bowel.

The most well-known manifestations of free stool include:

  • Watery stool
  • Delicate or soft stool
  • Unclean stool

You may likewise have other gastrointestinal side effects:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Stomach ache
  • Disease

Causes Of Loose Motion

There are many causes of loose motion. Three causes we had listed below:

1) Drinks & Foods

Sometimes when we drink or eat some unhealthy foods in restaurants or in dhaba also when we eat unhealthy foods in home then, loose motion occurred.

Coffee is a common cause as it stimulates the intestinal muscles. Oily and spicy foods are also a problem for some people as they can cause stomach irritation.

some drinks such as Alcohols, sugar Alcohol or Fructose are the common drinks causes loose stools.

2) Some medication and Supplements

Sometimes taking medication and Supplements causes loose stools for example taking magnesium in large amount can take you in big trouble.

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Taking too much laxatives can also affect your bowel movements. In addition, medications such as antibiotics or chemotherapy can also cause loose stools.

3) Due to Hyperthyroidism

This is also a big reason that many people suffer from loose stools. When your thyroid gland is overactive and makes too much amount of thyroxine hormone this cause loose stools.

It is possible to have loose stools. Hyperthyroidism affects metabolism in the body.

This condition have other symptoms also such as thin skin and hair, sleeping problems, weight loose and fast Heartbeats.

Home Remedies To Stop Loose Motion

1) Drink Coconut Water

Drink coconut water. This is one of the common and best home remedy for loose motion that people of every stage face. Research suggests that young coconut water can be used as an oral rehydration solution for children with mild diarrhea.

You should Consume 1 or 2 glass of coconut water.


It should not be used for patients who are severely dehydrated or have developed kidney problems.
2) Drink Pomegranate Juice

Another very effective home remedy for loose motion, it can be given to children every hour to help maintain body fluids. Blend the pomegranate seeds in a blender and strain using a muslin cloth.

The juice reduces abdominal bloating and also improves digestion.

3) Eat Banana

Bananas are probably the best food your baby can eat when you experience manifestations of intestinal loosening. This supernatural phenomenon natural product helps to strengthen your baby’s stool as it contains safe starch which dissolves salt and water in the colon.

The potassium present in bananas helps to bring back the processing of your newborn. The natural product contains excess fiber that restores the normal degree of solid discharge.

4) Drink ORS

ORS specifically affects your child’s diarrhoea. Although it does not cure diarrhoea, it will suppress all the original salts and fluids lost. You can buy ORS pouches accessible in a clinical store or you can set up arrangements at home.

For the house plan, mix of tsp salt and 6 tsp sugar in one liter of water. Feed this answer to your baby every one hour and you will see a difference in their well being.

5) Curd

It’s one of the oldest remedies that everyone commonly knows. Curds helps to stop loose motion. It replenishes good bacteria in your stomach, which helps digestion and a healthy bowel movement. Yogurt calms your digestive system, providing relief from constant irritation.

6) Drink Lemon Juice

Lemon juice are also one of the great remedies for stopping loose motion. Many people uses this home remedies for stopping loose motion.

The antibacterial and calming properties of lemon juice are largely well-known and it is an excellent remedy for free motion in infants. One teaspoon lemon juice can be given to your child 5 times every day in any event.

Consult Doctors

If you didn’t get proper relaxation from above remedies then, Do not try to ignore loose motion, if you are suffering serious from many days. You should consult to your nearest doctor to stop loose motion.

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